Cindy Ludick

Streams of Living Water

In February this year (2020) my brother and his wife (drug addicts) left the streets of Pretoria North, hitch hiking to KwaSizabantu Mission in KZN. It took them 7 days to get there.

Ever since they have been there I have been drinking from the streams of living water flowing from KSB. I thank God for the lockdown, which caused them to stay even longer. In my walk with God I have never heard about people that are truly set apart as the Word of God requires, than these people at the KSB mission. They are truly living according to the Book of Acts, one big family of God, not being conformed to the things of this world. They live a life of repentance daily.

From the many miracles and testimonies I have heard about KSB, and specifically Pastor Stegen, I've realized that it is possible like Paul says to live a life of holiness, once you have laid your own life down, just like he did. The people at KSB live fully surrendered lives, all for His name's sake.

What I always thought was a thorn in my side, my brother being a drug addict for most of his life, turned out to be my greatest blessing, my salvation. God used them (Divan & Vicky = prodigals) to bring me to true repentance. For the 1st time in my life I know what it means to live a life that is truly set apart for the advancement of God's Kingdom. Looking at them today after being at the mission for 9 months, I can honestly say: Look what the Lord has done! What the enemy intended for evil, God once again turned into good, so that many lives will be saved (Gen 50:20)

I thank God for Pastor Erlo Stegen and all the people at KSB for their daily sacrifices. What you do for God is never in vain. May God continue to bless KSB so that the streams of living water will never run dry…

Cindy Ludick

(Divan Koen's sister) Pretoria North, Gauteng


17 January 2019

9 November 2020