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New Structures – November 2015

New buildings and renovations are always on the go at Kwasizabantu Mission. Of 6 new buildings going up here are just 2 of them – a new 2 hectare hothouse and a new accommodation building. This new 2 hectare structure is for an extra 2 tons of sweet peppers a day, using hydroponics: This building…

New boiler installed

Electricians and plumbers were busy during 19-20 August installing a new boiler for hot water which has to supply: 55 rondavels, DSS girl’s hostel, CCE girl’s hostel, guest house and many other buildings. Galleries

Work Continues in Paraguay

At present the work in Paraguay is mostly focussed on young people. A group of them usually come on a Friday and stay till Sunday after the morning service. On Saturday they help to prepare everything for the service. This includes sweeping and cleaning the yard and preparing the food for Saturday and Sunday. Most…