Truth Will Conquer

To the aQuellé team

I’ve only been working with you for a few years and you have all been a blessing to me in so many ways.

I am truly honoured to know you all and to be indirectly associated with your ministries and work you do and to see the fruit thereof (and “the fruit of the tree” seems to be abundantly good).

I know you’re all hurting at this stage and you’re even confused (and that is how Satan operates) but Jesus has never failed us yet.

I am not going to ask you to have faith – because your faith and support have helped me to cope over the past two weeks. I know you have faith in the Just One.

Someone yesterday asked me what the people are like at the Mission? I sent him this message:

“They’re very different and they’re weird in so many ways.
They’re committed to blessing others – 100% for people is their motto.
They live joyful lives and they always strive to see people happy.
They’re kind and encourage kindness – they live love-filled lives.
They’re excited and energetic and have a positive outlook on life.
They’re peaceful and have hope for the future.
They practise self-control and respond to adversity with kindness.
They understand that two wrongs do not make a right. They strive to live Christlike lives.
They hope to be a light to the world – they build a Mission of hope that gives light and hope to thousands.
They always give and ask nothing in return – they even give when the world does not see.
They know God – they fear God.
They’re willing to help anyone – they do not turn people away.
They’re always kind to the meek and oppressed.
They do not boast or brag about the work they do – they just do it.
They serve their communities and say it is better to give than to receive.
They get their hands dirty – they work hard.
They have a work ethic that can rarely be matched – integrity!!!!
They deny themselves pleasures in life – they will rather serve others – their lives are not glamorous or lucrative.
They’re committed servants – they give up their own time to serve and bless others.
They praise God in everything they do – they spend time with the Lord.
There is no place for pride and they uphold the Church as the pillar and support of the Gospel.”

I, also, long to put behind me the controversy that has become such an unwelcome part of my life. But we must wait on the Lord.

Not defending your honour will leave my own agenda open to question; this is clearly in my right and authority and demand to do so.

The world is changing and the exercise of discernment is vitally necessary today.

“I believe that in the end truth will conquer” – John Wycliffe.

Stefan Roos