We Have Been Helped

The media 24 has really harmed the good reputation of the Mission. I personally have never known Ksb as ‘cult’ since its inception.

Instead we have been helped in different ways as the Mission’s name is Kwasizabantu meaning ‘ a place where people are helped’. It seems like it is that time which the Lord warned His followers about.

I have known Kwasizabantu in my hometown ‘Maphumulo’ from my early childhood in 1980s & the mission is still doing the good work to date.

The nearby schools also receive various kinds of free support through the mission. Could it be spiritual nourishment, refreshments etc. The mission is a good reputable organisation.

We don’t know what media 24 claims to have researched about. The people who provided media 24 with false information are the tools in the hands of the enemy to destroy God’s work. I wonder if media 24 researched about what kind of a life the people who provided them with false information lived whilst in the Mission. If not so, it means their story is not balanced & thus one sided. It directly violates sound journalism ethics.

I also wonder if the pictures they published about the mission in their ‘Exodus’ documentary were provided to them by the mission. If not so, they violated a Mission’s constitutional right to privacy, thus a direct invasion of privacy.

Please brethren, press on with the good work of leading people to Christ. The Lord will reward you for your hard labour. The devil attacks the Mission because of seeing the good spiritual fruit that the Mission produces in all seasons.

May the Lord strengthen you during this difficult time.

Remember Luke 6:22

[22]“Happy are you when people hate you, reject you, insult you, and say that you are evil, all because of the Son of Man!

Hlakaniphani Wiseman Ngidi