We Thank the Lord

We respect and honour Rev. Erlo Stegen (the leader of Kwasizabuntu Mission).

Not only did he have  a tremendous influence on our spiritual lives, but one day he also visited our Mission. We have an agricultural field that we needed to develop. He asked if we would be interested in date trees. Of course we said yes, and a few months later he financially helped us to clean the plot from intruder thorn bushes.  Once it was clean he sent us 163 date trees by truck from Kwazulu Natal, more than 1400km away! Then he also sent his son in law, together with a team of workers, to come and plant the trees! This he all did free of charge to us.

We thank the Lord for what He did through His servant for us and we can only honour Uncle Erlo for all that he meant for us and God’s Kingdom over the years. We support and stand by Uncle Erlo and Kwasizabantu mission in this difficult time.

Gerhard & Elmane le Roux and family