Lydia Vrey

I Thank the Lord for His Grace

My name is Lydia Vrey. I had the wonderful privilege of being the daughter of a father that had a great resemblance of the Lord Jesus, because of his outstanding gentle disposition and a mother that can pray. Their love for the Lord became part of me and as a 9-year-old little girl, I decided to follow the Lord Jesus and have never turned back from following Him.

I attended a normal, government High School, where young people would smoke, drink, go to night clubs and have relationships. My mother had the wisdom to reach out to me and she became my best friend. I had the liberty to confide in her and she would give me Godly advice. She would speak to me about the beauty and freedom of living a pure life as a young person.

When I was in Grade 11, at the age of 16, I met Uncle George Ochse and the people of Kwasizabantu  Mission at a youth camp. They spoke to us about this very important topic of abstinence and keeping one self pure until marriage. It was amazing to me as I was taught this at home. It was also wonderful that my parents taught me this without knowing our mission. This is a clear indication that this not a Kwasizabantu-law that was forced on people. It is a godly principle coming from the Lord. At that camp, I made a promise to the Lord that I will keep myself pure until my wedding day.

It’s now been 24 years since I made that promise and by the Lord’s grace, I have kept it. If the Lord permits me to marry, it will be an amazing delight to tell my husband, that he is the very first man in my life and he will forever be the only one!

May the Lord continue to keep Rev Erlo Stegen, his daughters and all the co-workers that so faithfully stood all these years.

The only way that I can thank the Lord for His love and grace, is to serve Him with all my heart and to serve others in love and humility.